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La barra de herramientas de Radios Latinas te permite encontrar la mejor música de tu país y estar al tanto de las noticias. Útil si buscas radios para carros en amazon, pues tendrás la posibilidad de escuchar más de 500 Estaciones de Radio Latina. Descarga gratis ahora.

Here is a video review I made about a #Bluetooth audio #receiver that I purchased online.

Here are several links to purchase the item on : (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) (Amazon Canada) (Aliexpress)

Here is an updated video review I made about this device:

This device fits any #audio system (car/home etc.) with a 3.5mm socket. In my opinion this item is just fabulous & I truly recommend it.

The pros:
– Sound quality is excellent.
– Low price.
– Easy to use.
– It has a phone speakerphone since it has a mic in it – great bonus feature for those who don’t have that in their car (let’s say if you rent a car it will be very necessary).
– Another thing I didn’t mention in the video is that it works in a range of up to 10 meters so assuming you use it for your car (i.e. during a road trip), if it’s a big car or you are out of your car it’s still works great!

The cons:
I cant think of any bad things to say about it…

Please check this video review and the updated video review, if there will be something new I will update this section.

Q: how long it lasts on a single charge?
A: Charging the device takes approx. 15-25 minutes. When fully charged, the device works for approx. 10 hours.

Q: Can I use the device while it is charging?
A: Yes, the device can operate while charging.

Q: Will it work with wired headphones?
A: Yes, if you connect this receiver to wired headphones, they will operate as wireless headphones.

Q: How is the sound quality when I use this receiver to make phone calls?
A: It depends on the specific model you are using, since it’s manufactured by several different manufacturers, so the quality of the device varies. In some cases it can operate well, while in other cases sound quality of the phone call will be not so good.

Q: Can I answer phone calls from this device instead of from the smartphone?
A: In my case I didnt manage to do that – I answer the phone calls from the smartphone itself.

Q: Do you recommend this device?
A: For the price it costs – YES, it’s worth the risk, and worst case scenario you can contact the seller and ask for refund or whatever you can settle for.

Q: Can I answer a phone call using the receiver?
A: By pressing the button you can:
– Answer incoming phone call.
– Disconnect an ongoing phone call.
– Redial to the last dialed number.

Here is the user manual for this device:

This is the description of the item:
Universal 3.5mm Streaming Car A2DP Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit AUX Audio Music Receiver Adapter Handsfree with Mic For Phone MP3

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